The School

About the School

Dynamic Flight School has been operating full time since 1991 in the Trawalla area as an approved HGFA training facility.  Teaching alone is difficult to make a living from, so other associated industries have been taken on board.  My wife Sandra does most of the sewing in our harness manufacturing division, our top of the line harness is considered by many as the best in comfort and performance in the world.   We also manufacture airfoil profiled aluminium speed bars and wheels to suit.

Pilot certificate courses are conducted on a regular basis throughout summer, autumn and spring.  We generally do not run courses between the months of June, July and August however we do still go flying at the local sites whenever conditions permit.  Microlight training is conducted year round.

Dynamic Flight School sells and services all Airborne Windsports hang gliders and trikes and Moyes hang gliders.  Spare parts are held on stock for the common models to keep pilots flying in the event of aircraft damage.  We have access to a large hangar with a carpeted floor for out-of-the-weather aircraft repairs.


Dynamic Flights’ location provides access to a large variety of launch sites second to none, which cater for every wind direction and pilot skill level.  Our location, 40km west of Ballarat, near Trawalla has a lower rainfall than many parts of Victoria especially the coastal areas.  Some of the better hang gliding cross-country flights from this area have achieved distances over 300km, many pilots have flown over 200km.  We sometimes take a longer drive to coastal launches when conditions permit and demand warrants it.

Throughout the years of teaching we’ve seen over eleven hundred students learn to fly at our school with ages varying from 16 to 81.  I’ve taught 13 apprentice instructors during that time as well.  Dynamic Flight School is the longest operating hang gliding school in Australia.  Most of the flights during the pilot certificate courses are car-tow launched enabling us to provide large flat landing areas and long flights.



We offer bungalow style accommodation for $20 a night with a continental breakfast provided. The accommodation is included in the price of all the courses we offer. The spacious outdoor kitchen has a kettle, fridge, freezer, BBQ hotplate, BBQ gas stove, toaster and microwave.

If cooking is not your thing, then there are good meals to be had at the Beaufort Hotel – a short drive from the flight park.

The common room has a fireplace, TV and DVD player (with loads of hang gliding DVDs) and a computer with satellite internet.