Split main risers attached to a dual slider arrangement allowing movement of the harness’s centre of gravity to accommodate the differing requirements for upright and prone flight. The use of split main risers supports both sides of the pilot and provides a solid feeling in all phases of flight with no tendency for the pilots body to roll around.

There are two spectra lines that connect the sliders to the boot. With the sliders fully forward the boot is compressed and pulled out of the way of the pilots legs to accommodate the take off run and ensure trouble free landings.

The degree of head up/down is adjustable in flight using the adjustment rope and cleat.

The boot is opened and closed using the zip lines that are held at a convenient waist position on velcro tabs. The zip itself is attached to the harness with velcro, which allows the pilot to kick their legs free in the event of a zip failure/jamming.

Designed to handle the extreme loads of parachute deployment. Twenty ‘G’ main and back up harness. Mil spec skydiving buckles are used on the shoulder straps. Stubai 13kN (1300kg) breaking strain buckles secure the chest and waist webbing. A 4000kg+ breaking strain steel carabiner is supplied as standard.  The frame is constructed of aircraft grade 6061 aluminium alloy with custom injection moulded spacers. The frame spreads the load on the pilot and helps maintain comfort on those long flights.

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