Powered Harness

What’s involved in gaining a Motorised Endorsement?

There are two types of launching with a Motorised Endorsement, the first is via foot launching, which many of you will know as a powered harness (FLPHG), the second is via wheel launching and is known as a nano-trike.  Both of these are carried out under CAR 95.8 providing your wing and motorised attachments combined mass is less than 70kg (without fuel and parachute) like a V-lite.  If your aircraft and attachments weigh more than 70kg, for example like the Airborne T-lite, then you are required to undertake training similar to that for weightshift microlights as this type of aircraft and training is regulated under CAR 95.10.  We sell and conduct training for both these categories of aircraft.

We sell NRG Mosquito powered harnesses and Airborne Windsports V-lite and T-lite aircraft.  Come and see our huge range of wings from Moyes, Airborne and Wills Wings and get the best deal on airworthy gliders and motorized attachments.

Foot Launched:

Prior to undertaking theory and flight training for the issue of a Motorised Endorsement you should have –

  • completed a minimum of 20 hours flying experience and 100 flights as pilot in command of a hang glider


  • completed a minimum of 100 hours flying experience in any three axis aircraft and a minimum of 10 hours flying experience as pilot in command of a hang glider

Wheeled Operations:

Prior to undertaking theory and flight training for the issue of a Motorised Endorsement you should have –

  • completed a minimum of 10 hours in a hang glider and 2 hours in a weightshift microlight;


  • 10 hours in a dual place weightshift microlight in the front seat


  • hold a valid weightshift microlight pilot certificate.

Some of the considerations you will need to make when selecting the type of hang glider you will use with a motor attachment include its weight limitations, modifications required and suitability for your pilot certificate rating.  You can’t gain the endorsement on an Advanced rated glider with an Intermediate Pilot Certificate.

To gain your Motorised Endorsement you will, under Rohan’s direct supervision and as pilot in command of your own airworthy combination, complete a minimum of 10 motorised hang glider flights; complete a minimum of 2 hours motorized hang glider flight; complete a half hour cross country flight planned with regard to airspace restrictions and demonstrate all the required set-up, start-up, warm-up, taxying, launching, flight and landing skills as specified on the Motorised Endorsement Application Form (view online here).

We have found that the majority of pilots attending to gain their Motorised Endorsement require three days in order to complete the practical and theory requirements.  The training can be completed in individual days however we find that those completing the training in a 3-day block format gain a better appreciation for their aircraft and greater confidence in their flying skills.

Our 3-day block course costs $555, which includes 2 nights on-site bed & breakfast accommodation at our school facility, all theory lessons, theory exam and direct supervision/instruction of practical requirements.

If you require weightshift microlight training hours/flights to meet the prerequisites for Motorised Hang Gliding Endorsement or you would like further information on a Motorised Endorsement please contact us via email rohan@dynamicflight.com.au or phone/text Rohan on 0409 678 734.